Custom Development Software

Custom Development Software

MensaBiz offer development of custom software solution based on .NET Technology including ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Service on MS SQL DB or others DB. The web-based solution can be run smoothly on Internet / Intranet / Mobile and also compile to Cloud Computing Server. For more detail please contact :

Project Management Schema

In during project execution period, our project manager must be accounted to monitor along with critical milestones for every project. Various documents will deliver to working team to ensure the correction of project objectives. We applied a structured 4-D development process to manage the Internal Quality Control.

Initial and Planning

  • Contract Sign Off
  • Define Scope of Work
  • Design project organization and project objectives
  • Create Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Project Master Plan


  • Define business procedures
  • Requirement Detailed Analysis
  • Present Business Requirement
  • Create Business Requirement Summary (BRS) and Sign-off


  • Screen Design and Report Design
  • Interface Design and Present Functional Design
  • Create Function Design Document (FDD) and Sign-Off
  • Design Database and ER Diagram
  • Design Program Specification
  • Create Technical Design Document (TDD) and Sign-Off


  • Create Project Based Infrastructures
  • Coding and Unit testing
  • System Testing and Sign-Off
  • Build Run-Time Objects


  • Software Training
  • Software Installation on Test Server
  • Create Test Plan/Test Case/Test Script
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Based Data Set-up and Go-Live Readiness Check-up
  • Data Conversion
  • Go-Live on Production Server
  • Provide Warranty and Support

MensaBIZ “Deliver Excellence Solution”