Telemarketing System

MIDAS Telemarketing System (MIDAS-TMK) is an application for insurance telesales (Non-Life Insurance / Life Insurance / Broker Insurance) to propose the insurance’s products over the phone. The process of work on Inbound/Outbound Telesales by uploading leads, assigning to the agents, and connecting to the softphone (ASPECT/RedCarpet) includes corporate application to the core insurance system

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Customer Relationship Management System

MIDAS Customer Relationship Management System (MIDAS-CRM) is a web application using to manage call center since receiving the customer, requisition, or complaint. The customer service agent can assign a task to involve internal business units, follow-up results, through closing the requisition. Besides, the MIDAS-CRM can properly connect thru the softphone (ASPECT/RedCarpet) to receiving calls and dial outside along with the voice file recording.

This software is specially designed for the insurance business since Life Insurance , Non-Life Insurance and Broker Insurance.

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Insurance agency management online system

MIDAS Insurance Agency Management Software is the CLOUD system for Insurer or Insurance Broker to record the online compulsory motor insurance (CMI) and voluntary motor insurance (VMI).
The system will support for the multi-insurer, multi-agent, and sub-agent with each credit control. All of the application transaction will be submitted to the insurer as a Web Service or a text file depending on their technology.

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4. MIDAS-Collection System

MIDAS Collection Management System

MIDAS Collection Management System is a web application to control the debt collection process, since debt leads uploading, assign to team supervisor and agent, and record the result of follow-up, until closing leads.
The MIDAS Collection can connect thru the softphone (ASPECT / RedCarpet) to receiving calls and dial outside along with the voice file recording completely.

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