Support Team

Helpdesk and Issue Management

We provide Helpdesk Support Team for receiving all issues from clients under MensaBiz internal system. We can track all details under the Issue Number of customer management system that follow-up, clear and coordinate with clients until completion.

Please contact the support team at
Phone: 02-6308885-6 ext. 17

Warranty Service

We provide the standard warranty service after completing the project from 6-12 months to ensure that when the Go-Live system is fully and smoothly functional. If any defection is found, we will solve the problem under the SLA (Service Level Agreement) on lead time.

Support Team

Maintenance Service

We provide the system maintenance service after the termination of the warranty period. MensaBiz will service for M/A client’s with the covering the services in solving problems from the defect and error includes improve the program operation more conveniently (enhancement). In the case that customers need increasing the optional modules, or the work processes, or a new requirement of program (New Requirement), we must evaluate the time and finance for new requirement, then to request for approve the new budget.

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